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About Us

Lubic Arabia was established by a distinct group of computer engineers and information systems experienced a petition in the areas of programming and financial management, the company aims Scientific to provide software quality by international standards of financial sectors, commercial and industrial in Egypt and the Arab world and due to the expertise in the field of software it has developed the company in mind since the start of planning for the programs to be all the company’s programs scientific easy to use and allow the expansion and extension with the increase and expansion of customer needs, the company offers scientific as well as technical support services to its customers as well as provide the necessary hardware (such as computers, machines POS Peripherals POS, …) . Scientific Company always in the service of its customers and harness all their energies and capabilities and expertise in the field of financial management and software to provide the best services. This mix of experiences and values ??programs and tools confirms the scientific you Bakhittark company have invested your money in the right place and you have made a difficult equation in balancing the needs of high-planned budget.


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